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Why We Love Mary — A True Business Story — Renovate Communication Design, LLC

Why We Love Mary — A True Business Story

Mary works in your organization and has an important presentation next week.

She’s not like Jim and you couldn’t be happier.

You’ve seen Mary present before. You know she takes time to get it right.

She does her homework: researches the problem, considers her audience, proposes good solutions.

And her slides? They look like no one else’s (and that’s a good thing).

Mary is confident when she’s in front of her audience, whether she’s in a small meeting room or on stage in an auditorium.

Mary knows what many other professionals know: that communication and presentations skills will help her succeed. But, unlike many of her colleagues, she’s taken the next step and invested in improving her skills.

So when Mary gets up to present, she delivers.

If you’re willing, you could be Mary.

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