The Problem With Jim — A True Business Story

What follows is a true story. And it has a surprise ending.

Jim works in your organization and he’s giving an important presentation. One that could change the company’s future.

But Jim has a problem.

He has something to say–something important–but you can’t hear him.

It’s not because you’re not listening. You’re trying, really.

And it’s not because Jim doesn’t know his stuff–he does.

Maybe Jim started with a joke and it fell flat.

It might be that Jim’s using words you don’t understand.

It might be that he’s reading his bullet points and you can read them faster than he can. Or maybe his points just aren’t interesting.

Maybe his talk is disorganized and you’re having trouble following his ideas.

It might be that the room’s too warm and you’re nodding off. It might be that you had a bad night and just didn’t get enough sleep.

It might be that Jim is pacing at the front of the room, nervously, and it’s distracting you. Or he’s talking too fast. Or too softly.

These are all issues, of course, but what’s the big problem?

The big problem is that Jim thought he was connecting with you but he wasn’t. And because you couldn’t hear him, Jim’s plan will die.

Here’s the surprise ending: you might be Jim.


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