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The Future of Renovate (and What It Means to You) — Renovate Communication Design, LLC

The Future of Renovate (and What It Means to You)

Folks–yesterday we sent the message below to friends on our email list. We wanted you to know, too.


It’s been two years since we began renovating how you look at presentations, and we’ve enjoyed every step along the way.

When you prepare to celebrate an anniversary, you spend some time in reflection. But it’s also important to do some vision casting. Where do you want to be by the next anniversary?

As we approach our second anniversary at Renovate, we knew that some changes needed to take place, and we wanted you to be the first to know about them.

Over the past few years we’ve worked with multiple businesses, organizations, and individuals through communication design, training, and coaching. Renovate will still do that.

The truth is, from your end you may not notice a big difference in what Renovate does. The difference comes in the day-to-day for Michael and Deanne.

Deanne is preparing to welcome another child into her family’s home by the end of the year—a sixteen year-old boy who will know minimal English. To better prepare for this time, she has decided to take a backseat in the operations of Renovate. Deanne is also pursuing the opportunity to do more speaking about adoption and orphan care at conferences and retreats. She loves presenting as much as she loves teaching others how to present.

Many of you are familiar with Michael’s photography business. He’s decided that the timing is right to grow that and will be opening a studio in downtown Lincoln, Illinois. That said, Michael will continue to “hold down the fort” for Renovate, serving as the primary contact for clients and prospects. He’ll also be responsible for setting the vision and direction for the company. Since photography and presenting are ultimately about communicating, Michael is looking for opportunities to help commercial clients do both of those better.

We’re still very interested in helping you renovate and improve your presentations. To better understand how we can do that, we’ll be sending you a brief survey soon. Would you please take a few minutes to complete that when you receive it?

We are glad that you are on this journey with us and we’re excited to see what the future holds, both for you and Renovate. Thanks for coming along.

Best regards—

Michael & Deanne

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