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Thanks to the Lincoln Rotary Club — Renovate Communication Design, LLC

Thanks to the Lincoln Rotary Club

Yesterday I had an unexpected opportunity to speak at the Lincoln Rotary Club.

A colleague called me on Tuesday afternoon. She said she had been scheduled to speak at the Rotary meeting the next day but hadn’t realized it conflicted with another appointment on her calendar. Since she couldn’t be in two places at once, could I fill in for her at the Rotary Club?

You bet.

The Club meets weekly and members as well as folks from outside the Club are invited to speak to the 30-60 active and retired businesspeople who attend. I put together a short talk on–what else?–giving better presentations.

So Deanne and I joined the Club for lunch and participated in the meeting. Once the regular business was concluded, I gave my talk. In the short space I was given (20-25 minutes), I offered up some simple suggestions for delivering better presentations: plan away from the computer, focus on one main idea, use pictures, keep to one idea per slide, rehearse, tell stories.

Afterwards we chatted with a few of the members. I talked with Ed, a retired seed company salesman, who used to give presentations around the world on behalf of his company. In retirement, Ed has taken up hot air ballooning (which is a big deal in Lincoln). We also talked with Jim, an attorney, who uses TrialPad, an app customized for courtroom presentations.

We’re grateful to have had the chance to spend an hour with the Lincoln Rotary Club. Deanne and I would especially like to thank Dave, Kirby, and Marcia for welcoming us so warmly.

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