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Logan County — Renovate Communication Design, LLC

Coming This Friday: A Special Something for Everyone

Lincoln/Logan County Chamber of Commerce Business of the Week - Renovate Communication Design, LLC


It’s March 11, 2013, and Renovate Communication Design is the Lincoln/Logan County Chamber of Commerce “Business of the Week.” The Lincoln Daily News also ran a little story on us.

Can you see us blushing?

If you’re on Facebook, go over to the Lincoln Chamber’s page and you’ll see a new post each day this week that features something about what we do.

Also: stay tuned until Friday when we’ll announce a special gift that we’re giving away to everyone who “likes” or comments on the Chamber’s page as well as those who follow our blog, subscribe to the newsletter, or download one of our free guides (9: A Simple Guide to Better Presentations or 16 Secrets for Better Student Presentations).

Thanks to Andi, Meghan, and the entire Chamber team for letting us be the Business of the Week.