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9 Steps to Better Presentations: Part 9 – Get Inspired

9_-_A_Simple_Guide_to_Better_Presentations.029NOTE: This is the ninth (and last!) in a series of posts taken from our guide 9: A Simple Guide to Better Presentations. Can’t wait and want to get it all now? Download the eBook for FREE here.

Want to see some good presentations?

Michael’s Slideshare favorites

Want to read a book?

Made to Stick, Chip and Dan Heath
Presentation Zen, Garr Reynolds
Confessions of a Public Speaker, Scott Berkun
Presentation Renovation, Michael Gowin & Deanne Mott

Still don’t have the FREE 9 guide? What are you waiting for?

You Will Never Look at a Roll of Masking Tape the Same Way After Watching This Video

To say that Sarah DiNardo is a “tape artist” is like saying Wayne Gretzky was a “hockey player” or Dave Brubeck was a “musician.”

In this video, Sarah creates remarkable sculptures with masking tape. Her art will change the way you see that roll of tape laying in your kitchen drawer.

Question: If you are a “presentation artist” (and you are), how will your next presentation or talk change the way people see the world?