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Swipe File Friday: SlideShare — Renovate Communication Design, LLC

Swipe File Friday: SlideShare

Bad artists copy, great artists steal - Picasso - slide designed by Michael Gowin, Renovate Communication Design, LCC

Welcome to Swipe File Friday. Today we highlight the grandaddy of all presentation swipe file inspiration:


SlideShare is a web site that allows anyone to upload slides from PowerPoint or Keynote presentations. Think of it as Facebook for presentations.

You can create a profile for free (although there are paid levels with more features as well) to upload your own presentations and mark other presentations as “favorites.” Even if you never upload a single slide deck, having the ability to save favorites is a huge benefit–you can quickly find presentations that have an interesting design, image, or font that can inspire you. Your SlideShare favorites alone could be your entire swipe file.

Just like Facebook and, generally speaking, the Internet as a whole, there’s a lot in SlideShare that’s, well, not very good. You have to sift a lot of chaff to find the wheat. To help you get started, here’s a link to my personal favorites in SlideShare. As of today, you’ll find 90 great presentations there.

Set up a free profile on SlideShare today and find some inspiration for your presentations.

Next week I’ll show you how to use SlideShare to upload and share your own presentations with the world.

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