Swipe File Friday: Skitch

Bad artists copy, great artists steal - Picasso - slide designed by Michael Gowin, Renovate Communication Design, LCC

Welcome to Swipe File Friday.

“You know, I’m sure this would be a lot easier for you to understand if I could just show you.”

Who hasn’t said that before?

Finding the right words to explain an idea, give directions, and who knows what else is hard. After all, research shows that we’re visual creatures: pictures win versus words. That’s why well-designed presentation slides can be so powerful.

Do you suppose there’s an app that could help me show you what I mean?

Why, yes, there is.


Skitch screen grab

Skitch is a screen annotation tool that, according to the Skitch people, lets you “Get your point across with fewer words using annotation, shapes and sketches, so that your ideas become reality faster.”

With Skitch for Mac, you can

  • Do a screen grab or take a picture with your computer’s camera and mark up the image with comments and shapes
  • Open a picture or graphic file (like the one above) and mark it up
  • Share your annotated files online with a free Skitch account
  • Send your annotated files to Evernote
  • Resize and save graphics for blog posts, email, presentation slides, or any time you need a smaller image (much faster than doing the same work in Photoshop)

In addition to the desktop application, there are also Skitch apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android phones, enabling you to mark up anything you can photograph. This Skitch demo video shows some of the ways you can use the app.

All of the Skitch apps are free so grab one (or more) today and start marking up and sharing your screen grabs.

Note: we’re not Windows users but there’s a Skitch app for Windows 8 on the way.

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