Swipe File Friday: Serifs & Sans

Bad artists copy, great artists steal - Picasso - slide designed by Michael Gowin, Renovate Communication Design, LCC

Welcome to Swipe File Friday.

A lot of presentation slides suffer from too much: too much text, too much graphic confusion, too much clutter, too much distraction.

Too much gets in the way of communicating.

That’s why we’re fans of a “less is more” approach to presentation design.

How can you get away from too much?

Serifs & Sans

Moving your slides from too much to more effective begins with seeking design inspiration from simpler sources.

Serifs & Sans is a site that features mostly print designs but the ideas can easily be used in your slides.

Serifs and Sans web site featured on Swipe File Friday at Renovate Communication Design, LLC

At Serifs & Sans, you’ll find designs for stationery, corporate and small business branding, posters, packaging, and more. And many of the featured designs are quite lovely: good typography and strong use of white space. The potential to steal borrow ideas is near limitless.

As an example, the designs featured for Welovroi UI could inspire slides that look like this:

Serifs and Sans slide sample designed by Michael Gowin for Renovate Communication Design, LLC - Swipe File Friday

Visit Serifs & Sans for some simple design inspiration and start de-cluttering your slides.

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