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Swipe File Friday: Observation Paper — Renovate Communication Design, LLC

Swipe File Friday: Observation Paper

Bad artists copy, great artists steal - Picasso

Swipe File Friday–what’s that?

A swipe file is simply a collection of stuff that inspires you. Designers, copywriters, and other creatives use swipe files when they need ideas for projects. When they’re stuck, they look in the swipe file for something to steal borrow–a headline or sample of copy, a font or page layout, or maybe an image or graphic idea. For Swipe File Fridays, then, we’ll point you to some things that inspire us and that we hope, in turn, can help you in your presentations.

Since we started this post with a quote, how about a good source for quotes? My current favorite is Observation Paper.

Observation Paper features a quote every day that–bonus–is formatted like a slide. Not only do you get an inspiring pithy quote but you also get visual design inspiration as well.

One more thing: since a swipe file is a collection, you’ll need a way to collect all those quotes (and other things that inspire you). I use Evernote. It’s a powerful but easy to use program that lets you file and save just about anything–web links, PDFs, images, text or audio notes, and more. And it’s FREE.

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