Swipe File Friday: Art of the Menu

Bad artists copy, great artists steal - Picasso - slide designed by Michael Gowin, Renovate Communication Design, LCC

Welcome to Swipe File Friday.

Chef Thomas Keller has said that, “Food should be fun.” And why not?

(And yet I’m frequently chastening my children for playing with their dinner.)

Just yesterday my wife and I enjoyed a wonderful lunch at a Persian restaurant in St. Louis. We sat outdoors in the warmth of the sun in wrought-iron chairs at a wrought-iron patio table. Grape vines with full, green leaves grew along the fence that separated the cafe dining area from the surrounding sidewalk and clay pots with mint and basil plants stood at the entrance.

Suzanne ordered jerk-seasoned tilapia that arrived with basmati rice and a fresh, green salad. I had a saffron-marinated chicken kabob pita filled with crisp lettuce, onions, cucumbers, and a delightfully rich sauce. The flavors and textures were wonderful and, yes, fun.

So if the meal itself is inspired, why shouldn’t the experience of the menu be inspired as well? And if the menu looks great, perhaps that could be a source of presentation design inspiration as well?

Art of the Menu

You saw where this was going, right?

Art of the Menu is a site that features interesting designs from restaurant menus around the world.

Art of the Menu on Swipe File Friday at Renovate Communication Design, LLC

These are not just your standard four-page, flip-it-over supper club menus.

No, there’s some amazing creativity at work in these designs. The colors, fonts, layouts, formats, and writing are all worthy of a look.

But there’s also incredible variety in the featured menus. For example, the menu from Fat Cow in Singapore is characterized by its clean, upscale and elegant feel while Jack’s Wife Freda in New York is highlighted with simple line drawings that  convey the sense of a hip yet homey café.

While you’re waiting for your next meal out, consider stealing borrowing an idea from the menu. Or browse through the menus at Art of the Menu and swipe away.

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