NEW :: Make Beautiful Presentations Easily with Haiku Deck 2.0

Last fall, I reviewed Haiku Deck, a free iPad app that lets users create attractive presentations very simply. The app intentionally limits what you can put on a slide (we call those constraints and I’m a big fan of them) and also recommends Creative Commons images based on the text you type on the slide. Clever.

The company has now released its 2.0 version of the app, responding to user requests by adding charts, lists, and a number of usability enhancements. The app’s simplicity still helps you keep the focus of your presentation on storytelling instead of zippy but meaningless animations and effects.

I’m looking forward to experimenting more with Haiku Deck in Renovate’s work. Right now, my presentation tool of choice is Apple’s Keynote. But I’m curious to see what I can do with Haiku Deck.

What if you don’t have an iPad? You’re out of luck–for now. The company has plans to develop the software for other platforms but hasn’t disclosed any details.

Here are a few news stories profiling the new version of Haiku Deck–very positive so far.

Techcrunch: “Haiku Deck was a great product when it launched back in August 2012, and a big version 2.0 update makes it even better today.”

TheNextWeb: “While the app already gathered very positive reviews when it was first released last August, its new features are welcome additions to its value proposition: make it dead-easy to create beautiful presentations on an iPad.”

betakit: “With notable bloggers already using the software, including Seth Godin, who had the most-viewed Haiku Deck of 2012 with over 200,000 views, the app seems to be catching on with both business and personal users.”

Xconomy: “The new version adds some features back—charts and graphs, lists, text management, easier sharing of the decks—based on “that flywheel effect of customer feedback,” which [CEO Haiku Deck Adam] Tratt calls “the hardest part of starting something new.”

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