Can You Give a Presentation Without PowerPoint? And Without Speaking?

So the answer to the first question is easy: yes, you can give a presentation without PowerPoint.

You can use props (human brain, anyone?), drawings and animation (how does motivation work), or nothing at all (perhaps my favorite TED talk of all time).

But can you do a talk without speaking?

That’s going to take some creativity, yes?

That’s exactly what Chris Powers did, though, in this engaging talk on silence. Well, since he didn’t speak, I guess it’s not really a “talk;” it’s a presentation.

Remember: “presentation” doesn’t have to mean “PowerPoint.”

Different gets attention, and you need attention to get your idea across. How can you be different in your next presentation?

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Designing Your Presentation? Aaron Draplin Shows You What You’re Doing Wrong

Design on paper first

Like millions of other people around the world, you have a presentation to make.

And like millions of others, you’ll probably start by opening PowerPoint and putting some text and images on your slides.

Surely, this is the best way to make a presentation, right?


In fact, this is probably the worst way to create a presentation.

A good presentation requires time away from the computer.

Time to think.

Time to plan.

Time to get your ideas straight.

Time to get your message together.

Time to develop the visual feel of the slides.

Time to rehearse.

Sure, you’ll need to get text and images on your slides–eventually. But don’t start there. There’s a ton of value in sitting down with a pencil and paper long before you park yourself in front of the computer. Why? The ideas come much more freely when you work on paper, and you’re practically guaranteed to end up with something better.

Good graphic designers know this as well. Check out veteran designer Aaron Draplin in the video below (also linked here) as he walks you through the process of designing a logo from scratch.

Whether a logo or a poster or a joke or a presentation, the process works the same way.

Start on paper.

In fact, this is the very process we recommend in our 80-page Presentation Renovation eBook and audiobook–which you can download for free now.

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Presentation Renovation eBook – Now FREE


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We–you and me–spend a lot of time sitting through and giving presentations, and we wanted to help you make them a bit less painful–maybe even fun. We wrote dozens of educational articles for the blog, a couple of white papers, and an 80-page eBook (and audiobook). All with the goal of helping you make better presentations.

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9 Steps to Better Presentations: Part 9 – Get Inspired

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