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About — Renovate Communication Design, LLC


Two paths diverge on the way to your presentation - Renovate Communication Design

When you create a presentation, you can choose one of two paths

You can take a risk, rock the boat, delight, engage, excite, and inspire your audience.

Or you can take the well-worn safe route, do what you’ve always done.

You have the opportunity to show your team, your boss, your investors, your customers something they’ve never seen, something remarkable.

Or you can show them the same old, same old. Every presentation they’ve ever seen.

The choice is yours.

(Which one does your audience wish you’d choose?)

I’ve always been the “I love statistics” type who never saw a reason to depart from the 100% statistics approach to public speaking. Your training enlightened me and gave me the confidence I needed to create and deliver a more meaningful message… So in case you ever wonder if your presentations are impactful enough, here’s proof that they are. Thank you for everything you did for me.
Steve Ryan, CFO/VP Finance, Standard Process, Inc.

It’s not about us–it’s about you

You can find consultants to help you with sales presentations and you can find designers who will help you with your slides. You can find a coach to help you prepare and deliver a better speech. You can also find a trainer who will show you and your team how to create presentations that work. One of the things that sets us apart: we keep this under one roof for you.

Here are a few more things that might help you get to know us better:

  • We love stories (you probably do, too).
  • We believe strong leaders understand the power of words.
  • We love helping you become more confident at presenting.
  • We really like a good speech, presentation, or keynote. Really.
  • We know how to create learning experiences that will help you and your organization achieve better results.
  • We obsess over things like fonts and presentation visuals (if that sounds too geeky, just hire us and you’ll appreciate it).
  • We understand the psychology of persuasion and sales, and we can help you get better at them.
  • We think smart companies know that design makes them different. And better.

It was such a privilege and honor to work with Deanne Mott and Michael Gowin from Renovate. They are an amazing team who helped our leadership to revolutionize and fine tune our public presentations. They utilized their expertise and encouragement to lead us to polished presentations. I highly recommend their services.
Jeanie Fields, Director of Staffing, Hearts at Home

About Renovate’s founders

Renovate Communication Design, LLC, was founded in 2011 by Michael Gowin and Deanne Mott, communicators and teachers with years of experience in higher education, public speaking, and small business. We understand and value learning, and our goal is to give you the tools you need to communicate better.

Michael digs visual stories: creating them and helping others learn to make them as well. Since 1997 he has taught business and communication at Lincoln Christian University, helping students learn to communicate more effectively in the workplace. Michael is an incessant learner–his formal education encompasses everything from engineering to art and English, theology and business administration–and he reads anything he can get his hands on. When he’s not Renovating, he is the husband of one wife, six children, and runs a wedding and portrait photography business, telling the stories of his clients through their photographs. He also shares ideas on his personal blog.

  • BLS, English, Purdue University North Central
  • MA, Contemporary Theology, Lincoln Christian Seminary
  • MBA, Business Administration, University of Illinois Springfield

Deanne is passionate about developing great communication and teaching others to do the same. This love encouraged her to complete a graduate degree in Interpersonal Communication, allowing her to teach communication courses in higher education for over a decade. When she isn’t Renovating she is a wife and mother of four and may be found speaking at an event or a retreat as an inspirational speaker or restoring her home, a 125 year old farmhouse. Deanne likes to see the possibilities–in her home, in people, in presentations–renovations waiting to happen.

  • BA, Public Communication and Human Relations, Western Illinois University
  • MA, Interpersonal Communication, University of Illinois Springfield