A Few Good Presentation Fonts on Sale at Fontspring

Getting and keeping your audience’s attention is always a challenge. When it comes to your presentation’s visual design, it doesn’t help if you’re using the same fonts that your audience sees on their computers every day. Using a font that they don’t see routinely, however, can make a difference.

The fine people at Fontspring are making that easier for you right now.

The November issue of FONTFACE, the Fontspring newsletter, announced a sale on some good-looking fonts, some of which can work very nicely in a presentation. Of those featured in the newsletter, I think these three would work well (depending on the context and use):

These are really good prices for attractive, professionally-designed fonts. The newsletter doesn’t say how long the sale runs, so you might want to act sooner rather than later.

When choosing and using fonts for a presentation, always keep legibility at the forefront. Remember that your slides need to be read from the back row by people with bad eyesight. Stay away from scripty, swirly fonts. These look fine on a wedding invitation but not in your presentation.

If you’re budget can’t handle anything beyond free, check out Font Squirrel.

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