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9 Steps to Better Presentations: Part 7 – Give Cues — Renovate Communication Design, LLC

9 Steps to Better Presentations: Part 7 – Give Cues

9_-_A_Simple_Guide_to_Better_Presentations.023NOTE: This is the seventh in a series of posts taken from our guide 9: A Simple Guide to Better Presentations. Can’t wait and want to get it all now? Download the eBook for FREE here.

Cues are like visual and verbal sign posts. They help your audience navigate your presentation and figure out what to expect next.

You can give visual cues in your slidedeck. Notice, for example, how each major point in this presentation begins with a slide that shows a number. That’s a cue.

You can give verbal cues as well. “First…” “Next…” “By contrast…” Those are cues.

Use cues like these to refocus your audience’s attention.

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