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9 Steps to Better Presentations: Part 5 – Use Pictures — Renovate Communication Design, LLC

9 Steps to Better Presentations: Part 5 – Use Pictures

9_-_A_Simple_Guide_to_Better_Presentations.017NOTE: This is the fifth in a series of posts taken from our guide 9: A Simple Guide to Better Presentations. Can’t wait and want to get it all now? Download the eBook for FREE here.

Since you’re using less text, you can now use more pictures. In fact, you could get rid of almost all your text and use pictures alone.

Research shows that adding an image to your message helps people remember 65% of what you said. If they only hear it, they’ll remember just 10%.

Choose images that express ideas and complement your talk. The image on the previous page, for example, could be used to convey the idea of choices.

And for maximum impact, use high-quality images that fill the slide (A “full bleed” images).

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