16 Secrets for Better Student Presentations

16 Secrets for Better Student Presentations - Renovate Communication Design, LLCIn the 15 years I’ve taught business administration classes to college students, I’ve seen a lot of student presentations. These are typically done by teams of juniors and seniors in classes like marketing, project management, business communication, entrepreneurship, and others. The teams present research, case studies, and business plans before panels of faculty members as well as local community and business leaders who offer feedback on the students’ work.

Each semester, I usually offer the students the same tips and suggestions to help them improve their presentations so I put together this guide, 16 Secrets for Better Student Presentations. You can download it FREE over here.

I’ve shared these thoughts in a couple blog posts (here and here) but now I’ve collected everything into one document and tidied it up a bit. The guide is formatted as a two-page (8.5″ x 11″) PDF. If you’re a teacher, you’re welcome to use it as a handout for your students. The PDF has web links to more than a dozen other resources as well, so be sure to give your class an electronic copy. And–please–let me know if you have ideas to add and I’ll update the list.

Even if you’re not a student in school, you can easily adapt the suggestions to your own context, whether business or nonprofit. The ideas work everywhere.

Get the FREE 16 Secrets for Better Student Presentations PDF

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